Monday, 5 March 2012

Third Day - 05.03.2012

16.30: Visit of the volunteers' accomodation.

15.45: Visit of Culture Fusion in Bradford, a youth center.

Lorenzo's Tweet: All its content reflects the views only of the author. Nice Meeting!

14.00: Visit of EP's EVS project in Treehouse, a eco-friendly cafe.

Sarah's Tweet: a little tired, happy to be here.

12.30 Italian Restaurant:

 12.00: Visit of EP's EVS project in REPAINT, non profit organisation which recycle paint

11.30: Departure to Bradford for the visit of EP's EVS projects.

11.15: Presentation of the Lifelong Learning programme.

Francesco (Italy): Inclusion is possible like everything. Thanks for this opportunity to discuss, share, reflect, act. #training43leeds

11.00: Short coffee break

10.50: Presentation of the Action 4 and 5 of the Youth in Action programme.
This training is supported by the British Council through the Action 4.3.

10.35: Presentation of the Action 3 through our project ''Black Butterfly'' supported by the Youth in Action programme.

10.30: Each participants which worked through the action 2 is sharing is experience.

Martin's Tweet: I liked it here very much, because I got to meet a lot of new people!

10.15: Presentation of our project ''CREATIVE INCLUSION'' that offered over 60 young people the chance to undertake an European Voluntary Service. Project supported by the EACEA and the Youth in Action programme

10.05: Presentation of the Action 2 of the Youth in Action programme.

10.00: Action 1.3: Youth Democracy

Nora's Tweet (Hungary): I am happy,I can be here on training course.There are lot of nice people here. Thank you for opportunity!

9.50: Action 1.2: Presentation of the Youth Initiatives

9.40: Action 1.1: Presentation of the Youth Exchange

9.35: Only a few participants have heard about the european mobility programme.

9.30: Beginning of the session with presentation of other partners.

9.15: Dervis has joined Twitter!
@derviscomunoglu 's Tweet: I'm happy to be here. #training43leeds

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