Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Fourth Day - 06.03.2012

David's Tweet: Lawyers, teachers, musicians, youth workers here - applies to all professions! # training43leeds

Funda (Turkey): It has been very enjoyable & I'm very happy to be here with all these inspiring people #training43leeds @BritishCouncil

Athina's Tweet (Cyprus) :I feel very fortunate to be in this training, with great people;it's an incredible experience & knowledge enriching #training43leeds

14.00: Visit of Leeds.

11.30: Expert Surgeries: Participants are now divided in 3 different groups in order to learn more about some specific programme/action and how to apply to it:
- Group 1 around the European Voluntary Service, with Sabina.
- Group 2 around Action 1, with Bob.
- Group 3 around the Lifelong Learning programme with Clair.

Maria' Tweet (Cyprus) :So far it's been very interesting,informative, illuminative and fun! Thanks for the opportunity!

11.00: Coffe break.

10.20: Two workshops:
Workshop around Youthspass.
Workshop around Lifelong Learning programme.

10.00: Presentation of our Grundtvig Learner Workshop "Exchanging Dreams"

9.50: Presentation of the Leonardo video.

9.30 : Beginning of the session with an energyzer.

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