Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Fourth Day - 06.03.2012

David's Tweet: Lawyers, teachers, musicians, youth workers here - applies to all professions! # training43leeds

Funda (Turkey): It has been very enjoyable & I'm very happy to be here with all these inspiring people #training43leeds @BritishCouncil

Athina's Tweet (Cyprus) :I feel very fortunate to be in this training, with great people;it's an incredible experience & knowledge enriching #training43leeds

14.00: Visit of Leeds.

11.30: Expert Surgeries: Participants are now divided in 3 different groups in order to learn more about some specific programme/action and how to apply to it:
- Group 1 around the European Voluntary Service, with Sabina.
- Group 2 around Action 1, with Bob.
- Group 3 around the Lifelong Learning programme with Clair.

Maria' Tweet (Cyprus) :So far it's been very interesting,informative, illuminative and fun! Thanks for the opportunity!

11.00: Coffe break.

10.20: Two workshops:
Workshop around Youthspass.
Workshop around Lifelong Learning programme.

10.00: Presentation of our Grundtvig Learner Workshop "Exchanging Dreams"

9.50: Presentation of the Leonardo video.

9.30 : Beginning of the session with an energyzer.

Monday, 5 March 2012

Third Day - 05.03.2012

16.30: Visit of the volunteers' accomodation.

15.45: Visit of Culture Fusion in Bradford, a youth center.

Lorenzo's Tweet: All its content reflects the views only of the author. Nice Meeting!

14.00: Visit of EP's EVS project in Treehouse, a eco-friendly cafe.

Sarah's Tweet: a little tired, happy to be here.

12.30 Italian Restaurant:

 12.00: Visit of EP's EVS project in REPAINT, non profit organisation which recycle paint

11.30: Departure to Bradford for the visit of EP's EVS projects.

11.15: Presentation of the Lifelong Learning programme.

Francesco (Italy): Inclusion is possible like everything. Thanks for this opportunity to discuss, share, reflect, act. #training43leeds

11.00: Short coffee break

10.50: Presentation of the Action 4 and 5 of the Youth in Action programme.
This training is supported by the British Council through the Action 4.3.

10.35: Presentation of the Action 3 through our project ''Black Butterfly'' supported by the Youth in Action programme.

10.30: Each participants which worked through the action 2 is sharing is experience.

Martin's Tweet: I liked it here very much, because I got to meet a lot of new people!

10.15: Presentation of our project ''CREATIVE INCLUSION'' that offered over 60 young people the chance to undertake an European Voluntary Service. Project supported by the EACEA and the Youth in Action programme

10.05: Presentation of the Action 2 of the Youth in Action programme.

10.00: Action 1.3: Youth Democracy

Nora's Tweet (Hungary): I am happy,I can be here on training course.There are lot of nice people here. Thank you for opportunity!

9.50: Action 1.2: Presentation of the Youth Initiatives

9.40: Action 1.1: Presentation of the Youth Exchange

9.35: Only a few participants have heard about the european mobility programme.

9.30: Beginning of the session with presentation of other partners.

9.15: Dervis has joined Twitter!
@derviscomunoglu 's Tweet: I'm happy to be here. #training43leeds

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Second Day - 04-03-2012

22.00: Athina is perfomring a traditional dance from Cyprus.

Maria (Cyprus):Great experience so far:sharing experience&meet new people. Also,look forward for tomorrow visit in Bradford #training43leeds

21.30: Athina's Birthday cake.

19.30: Intercultural Evening:

Dijana's Tweet (Croatia): Dear Twitter Friends! Visit us tonight on intercultural night! Taste of food and drink!

17.20: Presentation of the Youthpass.

Clair's Tweet: "Great participants. Fantastic contributions looking forwrd to the intercultural night."

16.30: Discussion around training and the support that organisations need to be provide to young people.

Petrov's Tweet: "I am very happy to be there, because I met new interesting people!"

16.15: Presentation of Twitter. Are the social media a good media to communicate with young people?

Josip's Tweet (Croatia): Raphael forces us to tweet. Everything is possible

15.55: coffee break.

15.40: Participants are now presenting some specific that can be use or not in their country.
Roma: can't be use in Italy.
Mongol: In Italy it is a very bad word to offend. 
Gay: "Homo" is not acceptable in Cyprus: you can use "gay" or "homosexual". 
Normal: problem to use this word in Cyprus.

15.15: All groups are now discussing all together about terminologies around exclusion. 
Learning difficulties: Everyone think it is a word acceptable to use.
Handicap: In some country it is not acceptable. According to them now we should use ''Differently able'' or "disable person''.
Disable: The word is acceptable everywhere.
In germany Handicap is just temporary: you will use disable. In Cyprus, Handicap is use for a physical disability.
Special needs: Can be use in all different country. In Lifelong Learning programme we use "special needs".
Cripple: Not accessible for all countries represented.
Mental: Mainly acceptable, except in the UK.
Spastic: In the UK it was a medical term like in Cyprus. But it become offensive.
Gypsy: some think it is offensive
Assilum seeker: OK
Immigrant: It looks acceptable. But in England it has some negative connotation: When it is positive, they use "migrant'' when it is negative, media use ''immigrant".
Mixed Race: It is acceptable.
Black: Not acceptable in many country. In hungary "negro" is not negative, but "black" is more negative. According to participants ''coloured" is more offensive.  In Turkey they will use more the term ''African'', according to one participant.

14.45: Participants are thinking in group about different terminologies around the word exclusion. What can be use or not?

14.30: Energyzer.

13.00: Lunch Break

12.40: The group is now drawing a Masterpiece representing their own country on a common big frame.

12.15: Each group is presenting the result of their discussion: Why this group is excluded? How to prevent this exclusion?

12.00: After creation of a definition participants are now devided into 3 groups in order to speak about different kind of inclusion : Ethincity, Disability, Fewer opportunities generaly. 
Paulina's group the subject 'Ethincity'

11.50: The group is now thinking about "what is exclusion?".
Clair presenting the session "what is exclusion?"
David (UK) writing on the board all the ideas from the group

11.30: Everyone's objectives about the training: Participants are describing what they think they will bring to this training and what they want to take back.

11.10 : Coffee break
Picture taken during the Lunch break this morning. 
Francesco singing happy Brithday song to Athina, in Italian

10.40: Clair is now describing to the group the 3 days programme around inclusion. It seems that just a few participants know about the Youth in Action programme.

10.30: The session is finishing with Krisztina (Hungary) describing Josip (Croatia)

10.25 : 
Funda (Turkey) describing Sebastian (Germany)

10.15: Sarah from Germany is describing Athina in front of the group. She reveal that it's Athina's Birthday today. Everyone is celebrating it!

10.00: Each participant has to describe him/herself on a paper : What he/she like/dislakes. Adjectives and interesting facts about him/her and interesting facts abou

9.40: little game: The group is divided in different team. Each team has to guess a word that one of them has to describe without saying it. Then participant has to mime another word.
Bob given a word to a participant.

9.37: 3 participants arrived late have to sing a song from their own country.

9.30: beginning of the Workshop.