Saturday, 3 March 2012

First Day - 03.03.2012 - ARRIVALS TIME

21.00: Introduction to the British culture through the video-presentation of "Morph". Then Clair began a context, offering to each participants a mini kit to create their own Morph.
Participants creating their own 'Morph'
It is Sarah from Germany who won the context ''Create your own Morph''.

Sarah, winner of the ''Create your own Morph'' context

20.30: Welcoming meeting by Clair Brown, co-founder of Everything is Possible.

19.05: Our last participants just arrived.

16.00: Our two German participants arrived had the office with Karolina who come from Czech Republic

15:45: Godfrey, co-founder of Everything is Possible just left the office with participants to the venue.

14.00: We've now 3 participants enjoying some free time in Leeds, waiting for the arrival of the others.

9.00: The participants of our training 4.3 ''Inclusion in International Youth Work'' are arriving today.  We've just welcomed our first two participants from Cyprus - Athina and Maria, which brought a lot of food for the intercultural evening. That was so nice to meet them. They just went out to visit Leeds.

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