Friday, 9 December 2011


Dates of the Workshop : 3th – 7th March 2012

Application deadline: 19th January 2012

Venue of the Workshop : Country: United Kingdom

Topic of the Workshop : Inclusion

Language of the Workshop : English

Target group(s) : Individuals with experience of working with excluded youth and NEET young people.

Eligible participants: No age limits. Participants must be legally resident in a Programme Country.

Expected number of participants : 25 participants from the UK & programme countries, no more than four from any one country (2 per organisations).

Main activities / programme of the Workshop: The aim of this activity is to bring individuals together with experience of working with excluded youth and NEET young people. Participants will explore good practice in national and international youthwork and have chance to develop future partnerships and Youth in Action projects.

Expected outcomes :
The expected outcomes of this Training are to:
raise awareness of international youth-work as a tool for engaging excluded  young people and those falling into a NEET target group.
learn different methods and be equipped with different tools to be able to deliver international programmes which contribute to inclusion.
have a wider knowledge of different European countries and specific methods used in the different participating countries.
gain a knowledge of the other participating organisations and be in position to plan future collaborative working.

Practical arrangements :
Travel will be arranged from participants home country to the UK by flight, where possible participants will arrive to Manchester and transferred to Leeds. The training will be delivered in various venues, and the learners will stay together in a local hotel, accommodate in pairs in single sex rooms. Meals will be taken in the hotel, the training venues and various restaurants in Leeds.

Cost: Participant will only have to pay 30% of the travel costs.


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